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    Looking to implement a large scale data archive, purge or application retirement program but don't know where to start or lack the time or resources to build? Look no further than the Data Governance Director. One week is all it takes to get your project off and running.

Data Governance Director

The DGD allows customers to quickly establish a Program Management Office from day one. This application not only provides optimized, enterprise-scalable solutions for application retirement archive, performance/live archive, data purge, data retirement it also handles the project management, decision making, dashboard reporting, resource management, and audit reporting for these types of programs.

With the DGD, you will:

*Deploy Archive Services with Velocity and Scale *Deploy Archive Services w/Compliance

*Deploy Archive Services Cost-Effectively *Deploy Archive Services Confidently

Key Features


Fully Optimized and Automated Workflows

You now have the ability to manage five distinct archive services (app retirement archive, app retirement no archive, perf archive, data retirement, and RIM Purge) in parallel in one centralized location. Each service is a fully automated and optimized workflow allowing for easy project management from creation to close.

Enterprise Scalable

The DGD-AE tool allows you to scale both horizontally (via adding service offerings) and vertically (via adding project packs and therefore increase the number of projects you can execute). This combination allows the maximum flexibility to offer new services quickly at the most cost effective price.

Proactive Alerts / Notifications

All project members have their own inbox to receive and acknowledge notifications, streamlining team communications and fostering better collaboration.

Self-Service Audits

All key decisions, data changes, document uploads, and actions are all captured and can be viewed online via screen links. This, along with a special Audit role, allows auditors to execute their work in a completely self-service manner, vastly reducing impact to project teams.

Auto-Task Assignment

All project tasks are assigned based on role and tracked til completed. This ensures tasks are assigned and completed in lieu of team member turnover.

Easy Integration

Restful APIs are available to easily integrate with external corporate applications like ticketing, asset tracking, corporate application inventory management systems, etc. Also, the app comes ready to integrate with corporate LDAP/AD.

On Premise or Cloud

The DGD is architected to deploy anywhere to ensure you can provide your data governance service on premise or in the cloud.

Management Dashboards

Get up-to-the-minute status on EVERY project in one view. Also, view real time 'projected vs actuals' savings results on each project as well as view resource allocations across all projects to ensure optimized resource utilization. For the first time, management will have true transparency on every project and on every resource. Weekly project status meetings are now obsolete.

DG Cost/ROI Assessor

Coming Soon - A tool that 'gets smarter' the more you use it allowing you to more accurately calculate the cost, benefits, and when the service is ROI Green. More importantly, it allows you to model multiple scenarios for a given service based upon dimensions like duration, number of resources, number of applications, database size, etc. A must have for quickly developing that compelling business case.

Key Features



You no longer need an advanced degree or expensive consultants to perform complex Cost and ROI assessments. You no longer need to build and refine complex spreadsheets and formulas. The workflow takes you through all the required steps to build your own financial model.

Quick Cost/ROI Assessments

Execute BOTH Cost and ROI Assessments for any service, regardless if your project has 1 or 100 applications, in hours instead of weeks or months. Our workflows provide you EXACTLY what inputs to provide and performs the complex and accurate calculations for you.

Gets Smarter Over Time

As you grow your Data Governance services, the project statistics captured only serves to make the Assessor smarter as it continuously leverages this data for more refined cost actuals assessments.

Service-Specific Templates

Accuracy is key to getting your DG governance projects funded which is why the Assessor provides 5 distinct workflows for each data governance service (TDM, App Retirement, Perf Archive, Data Retirement, RIM Purge) to ensure your cost/benefit analysis accurately reflects the service you wish to deploy.

Actuals Not Guesstimates

The tool executes the application profile matching process that mines the existing DGD repositories and return similar profile applications and their cost actuals. No longer will the user rely on inaccurate cost guesstimates. For the first time, the user will be able to leverage real, indisputable actual cost data.

Customizable Assumptions

Customize your assumptions for both Cost and ROI assessments to keep them current and therefore ensure an even greater degree of accuracy.